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Accountability is what we most need. Small business owners crave it and when it comes to marketing they lack it completely. What’s the answer…appoint yourself a marketing board of directors.

Go out there and find 8 to 10 folks in your community who could be convinced to help you grow your business. Clients, vendors, lenders, other small business owners all make great prospects for your board. The only real qualification is that they understand your market and they are motivated to help you. Then….

Put a marketing plan in front of them, ask them to review it, comment, give suggestions on your marketing plans and materials and, most importantly promise them that will accomplish a set list of marketing goals pertaining to the plan that you will give them an update at your next quarterly meeting.

That’s it. Feed them some really good bagels or wine and send them home. If you can find a group like this to hold your feet to the fire and question your man/womanhood if you don’t perform…you will become an unstopable marketing machine.


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