Where Does Price Fall On The List?

Where Does Price Fall On The List?

Where Does Price Fall On The List?

By John Jantsch

Today a subscriber asked me this question. I thought it was a great
question and that I might as well share my response as well.
~ ~ ~ ~

I know you are the expert in this field so I thought I should ask you.
I have heard may people say that price is way down on peoples decision
making list. Do you know exactly were it is on the average persons list?

This is one of those questions where I get to use my best consultant

It depends!

Price is where you and your industry have placed it on the buyers list.

The more a prospect come understand how much value they receive
in doing business with your firm the more they will pay. If they ever
come to believe that you may be the only firm in the world who can
give them what they really want then they will pay a premium to do
business with you.

Many companies fail to understand what their customers really want
and then further fail to understand how to differentiate themselves from
everyone else in their business. Your clients or potential clients want
to find a way to tell one business from another. If you don’t give them
a way then they will choose the only way they can seemingly measure
– price.

If you are in what appears to the buyer to be a commodity business
(and really who isn’t) then it is even more important for you to make
doing business with you as much about the experience as it is about
the $3.27 cent cup of coffee

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