If you want to see...listen

If you want to see…listen

If you want to see…listen

By John Jantsch

I came across the title to this entry while reading a passage in one of the great books of all time. Anam Cara by John O’Donohue. If you’re not familiar with this book I suggest you add it to you reading list. It is a book of Celtic wisdom and has many wonderful moments.

But…to my point.

Building strong marketing relationships (or any relationships for that matter) is primarily an act of listening. Often we are in such a hurry to make sure we are understood that we pass right on by the needs of our clients or even misunderstand what they need so completely that we actually do more damage with our sales pitch than good.

One of the things I do with all of my clients and reccomend that you do as well is to get in the habit of asking your clients “Why they buy from you or why they stay with you”

Most times I find that at least one person will tell me something so profound that we actually build our entire marketing campaign around it.

Go out and talk to your clients…only this time listen.

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