How Does a Uniform Call to Action Help You Push Your SEO Higher?

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How does a uniform call to action help you push your SEO higher? - Duct Tape Marketing
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So, how does a uniform call to action help you and your brand? You might be surprised to realize the continuity in your content can help to punch up certain phrases in searches faster and more effectively than you realize.

As you work to build up keyword phrases to be found online for your titles, your products and your brand, many people forget to put the attention to detail in the call to action or signature of their online content. In keeping the call to action streaming across your content and different media formats, you can see great boosts with no cost to your wallet.

How does a uniform call to action help you? First start with continuity!

With audios, videos, and blogs, while consistent content is key, the uniformity of the call to action and/or signature has the ability to help get your message, your brand and many of your primary keyword phrases branded and optimized that much more.

Sign off with a clear message containing what you are about, where they can find you or your product and a few phrases about what you do.

How does a uniform call to action help you? This is how it helped me

With this call to action, with elements sometimes added and with links subtracted occasionally… but still keeping the core content allows for no cost and high results for the primary keyword phrase “Business Advisor, Speaker & Author.”

Every blog, every video, and every audio either has this as the signature as well as  added to the call to actions for my podcast or other associated brands, I still tie in the primary keyword phrase and its sentence into those signatures.

The example of my signature and call to action can be found in the image here or at the bottom of the article.

How does a uniform call to action help you push your SEO higher? - Duct Tape Marketing

As you search in Google, Yahoo or Bing with the phrase “Business Advisor, Speaker and Author”, the results point high with the regular searches, the video searches, and the image searches.

This is a key reason why that uniform signature and more so a core signature sentence with a primary keyword phrase you want to capture over and over is sustained across all media.

And even as your blogs, audios and videos will have or should have a primary keyword phrase for that specific piece of content and make sure that phrase is used with best SEO practices, the compounding of that call to action phrase helps with SEO at the same time.

How does a uniform call to action help you? Continued filling in of the blanks especially on Videos and Audios.

While we often just post a video or audio and leave the call to actions and signatures for only the blogs; videos, especially on YouTube can optimize written content a great deal faster. By taking the time to add in those signatures and fill in the blank, you allow for more content to optimize and compound for your brand and for SEO.

There is room in the description of your videos and room in audio descriptions. Take the time to fill in and fill up the blank space that can work for you.

It compounds.

Another example on YouTube…


organizes, optimizes and implements

individualized branding

and even just

speaker and author

and you will find the results point to me.

It is not magic, it’s not Google Adwords, it’s the continuity and filling in the blanks.

How does a uniform call to action help you? Extra Credit.

Make certain keyword phrases in your call to action, primary keyword phrases for your content to push up those results for you even more without spending a penny.

To reinforce the phrase “Speaker and Author”, I created a YouTube video that used “Speaker and Author” as the primary phrase which helped in regular Google searches as well as YouTube searches. When you take apart your primary keyword phrase of your call to action as well as the others and spread them into content over time, you will own your phrase online.

My business card tagline is that main signature and call to action phrase” Business Advisor, Speaker and Author” Whether it’s the full phrase that hits the highest or pieces of the phrase that still hit on the first page, just a little lower, this is a free optimization at its best.

How does a uniform call to action help you? Well, it’s a great thing when the title you have is searched on and results in you!

So in closing… The uniformity of your signature and your call to action can compound with each blog, video, and audio you post. That consistency will not only help in your actual name or brand name but a well-branded call to action and signature that covers what you do will have elements that will be captured and optimized for free.

With that same signature and call to action added to your website, your social media pages and anywhere else, as a whole it lifts your branding exponentially and showcases a professionalism, consistency, and uniformity that many don’t have these days.

Stand out by stepping up with the uniformity of your signature and call to action on every page, every site and every signature.

loren weismanBusiness Advisor, Speaker & Author Loren Weisman organizes, optimizes and implements individualized branding, marketing and content plans for start up and established businesses as well as individual clients and entrepreneurs. Loren is the host of iHeartRadio’s “Wait What Really OK” as well as a managing partner and co-founder of Leveraging Smart Inc.


For more on Loren’s consulting, books, coaching, assisting, advising & speaking options as well as where to listen to the podcast, visit:


Loren Weisman

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