Turning Negativity Into Resilient Fuel
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Turning Negativity Into Resilient Fuel

Turning Negativity Into Resilient Fuel

By John Jantsch

Marketing Podcast with Kelly Lewis

kelly-lewisIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Kelly Lewis. Kelly is the founder of Damesly, a boutique women’s tour company, and creator of Go! GirlGuides, the world’s first series of travel guidebooks designed specifically for women. She’s also the author of a book called Tell Her She Can’t: Inspiring Stories of Unstoppable Women.

Key Takeaway:

Kelly Lewis set out to share her story and impact the lives of every woman who has been told she isn’t strong enough, smart enough, or capable enough to excel. In Kelly’s recent book, Tell Her She Can’t, she shares the true stories of 35 inspirational women who overcame the naysayers to achieve “impossible” dreams.

In this episode, we discuss how Kelly found a way to take the negative experiences she was going through and turn them into fuel that could push her forward instead of letting them derail her life.

Questions I Ask Kelly Lewis:

  • [0:48] The title of your book feels a little bit like a dare – is that a bit of what you’re trying to evoke?
  • [1:15] Were you at some point told in your life that you can’t?
  • [2:02] Why is it so important for others to tell us that we can’t do something?
  • [3:29] Was there a point at which you were going to make the assumption that you’ve achieved what some people would call a level of success?
  • [6:50] Are there inherent differences in travel for women?
  • [9:44] Would you say that there’s certainly an element of this idea that people don’t come out of the womb and decide that they’re going to take on the world?
  • [12:01] What are some of your favorite stories that have seemed to have really touched people?
  • [13:26] How did you collect your stories of these women in your book?
  • [16:02] Do you see your work as part of the mission to affect broader social change in the treatment of women everywhere?
  • [16:48] Has the travel bug hit you again yet?
  • [17:22] Give us an idea of a fun trip that you’ve put together?
  • [18:22] Where can people find out more about all of your work?

More About Kelly Lewis:

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