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Have you ever wanted to differentiate yourself from every other business that is chasing your hottest prospects.

Let’s say you have a Top 25 prospect list. One of the ways to get a leg up on everyone else in who also has this same list is to find out two simple pieces of information and then use those to unlock the door to marketing success.

The two things you should try to discover about each of your prospects is:

  1. Where they grew up
  2. Where they went to college

Now that you have this information you need to see if it can pay dividends. If you prospects are from a small community your job on that one is easier, but no matter where they are from – subscribe to or at least visit the website for their home town paper. It is amazing what you can pick up from even a couple casual reads. But, you might even hit paydirt if something big happens back home or your prospect gets some ink in the hometown news and you, little old marketing pro that you are, fire off a copy to your prospect! Think that might help your chances of getting an appointment?

College ties – Again visit the website and learn what you can about what’s going on at their school. Send something off requesting information or sign-up for an events newsletter. (Most are online now.) College sports can be a great way to gain the attention of a prospect and your ability to chat casually about bench strength of the Rams this year or the weakness in Conference USA might allow you to get your calls returned first.

Remember, we are dealing with people here, always people. Find out what makes them human and you can connect on a much higher level. Now, you can use this information in an attempt to manipulate but what I’m suggesting is simply a powerful way to build a stronger relationship with your clients. Common ground is a great place to start.


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