Kentucky "This is fattening food" Fried Marketing

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About a week ago KFC announced that they would start aggressively opening new stores under the old name – Kentucky Fried Chicken. This announcement raised some eyebrows as the company had invested a bunch of money in rebranding itself as the more healthy sounding KFC.

I say, the best marketing is usually the marketing that is authentic. See, do you really think that a person who is looking for some chicken strips with a side of taters feels better about the fact that they are dining at KFC and not that “Fried Chicken Place.”

Here’s my point. No matter what you are marketing, be authentic. Know that there are people out there that, at times, want the comfort of knowing that they are getting just exactly what they think they are getting and that you, the owner of the joint, is proud to say so. Find what is unique, what draws a very specific market, gives them what they want and tell the world, shamelessly, that’s what you have to offer.

You don’t always have to try to catch the latest fade, just capture what’s real about your product or service. Honesty sells because you can usually pull it off. Every year, thousands of people line up at the Missouri State Fair to catch a glimpse of the dizzying array of things that can be made from cows. I don’t get it, but the guy who offers samples of the sugar coated kettle corn to moms pushing strollers does.

Be just what some target market wants and be it all the way.


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