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The savvy marketing folks over at Marketing Sherpa are once again hosting their Best Blog Awards – they are currently taking nominations until May 15th.

Duct Tape Marketing won last year’s award for “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” I would love to be considered for that award again this year. If you would like to nominate Duct Tape Marketing just copy this url = and enter it into the url address on the nomination form and check the best blog on small business marketing category.

I know this is shameless self-promotion and maybe a bit over the top, but the publicity that can go along with awards like this and the positive input from readers like you is what makes producing this content fun.

So, with that in mind, how about a little bragging or back patting or something. If you want some help finding the best small business marketing blog, just visit the following search engines and take note of the blog that appears in the top spot for “Best Small Business Marketing Blog” in each!

Once again, thanks to all my wonderful readers who take the time to tell me they enjoy the content I produce here. That’s what makes me get on the computer and write!



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