Why We’re All Still Talking About Social Media

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Marketing Podcast with Rebekah Radice
Podcast Transcript

Rebekah Radice

Social media didn’t go away – it just moved. It moved to become another strategic element of marketing where it belongs.

The fact is, if you plan to benefit from social behavior, you must alter your thinking around the proper use of social media for each stage of the customer journey.

My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Rebekah Radice. She is a marketer and founder of RadiantLA, a training and development company helping business professionals use online marketing strategically. Radice is also the author of Social Media Mastery: A Comprehensive Guide to Strategic Growth. She and I discuss why social media needs to be a part of your strategic approach to marketing.

Radice is an award winning marketer whose entrepreneurial roots, instincts and unstoppable energy create a powerful force for strategic business growth. She has been blogging since 2004 on one of the top social media blogs, rebekahradice.com – voted a “2015 and 2016 Top 10 Social Media Blog” by Social Media Examiner.

As a recognized leader and influencer, Radice has been featured on CBS, at the NATO Leadership Summit, and was recently listed as a Top Marketing Influencer by Brand24, and as one of the Top Ten Social Media Marketers and Top 40 Content Marketers by Onalytica.

Questions I ask Rebekah Radice:

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • Where social media fits into the customer journey
  • How to use social media to get clients
  • How to use social media to drive offline conversations

Key takeaways from the episode and more about Rebekah Radice:

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