SlideRocket Set to Blast Into the Online Lead Generation Space

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SlideRocket is an online presentation editor positioned initially to take on the likes of PowerPoint and Keynote on the web. Today I think it took a giant leap forward.

I’ve always liked SlideRocket’s ease of use for design and find it easier to use than most desktop software. Over the last year or so the tool has continued, in my opinion, to improve by making it easier to add video, use presentations offline, and host online presentations that don’t require any download or plugin on the part of the attendee.

SlideRocket is also a great presentation asset manager because it allows you to share and collaborate on presentations with team members and even updates all your presentations and slides when you make a change to an asset such as a logo. Organizations that share or use common presentations for sales and demos should really appreciate that functionality.

This week SlideRocket announced additional features that also make it a powerful sales and lead generation tool.

SlideRocket users can now embed live collaborative comments as well as polls and surveys into presentations and have these presentations available 24/7 as marketing assets.

Viewers can add comments, like sticky notes, anywhere in a presentation and have the comments delivered to the presentation author in real time organized in one place.

While other online meeting tools such as GoToWebinar and WebEx use polling and surveys, what makes SlideRocket’s implementation different is the ability to create and host interactive presentations that can be viewed at any time and then get real time alerts as people add comments and complete survey data.

For the small business this is almost like having your best sales person standing by making presentations, qualifying, nurturing, and perhaps even closing leads day and night.

As you can see I’m pretty bullish on this update because I think this could be a game changer in the world of small business lead generation.

Imagine running a PPC or offline ad campaign that sends people to a landing page to view your educational presentation featuring, slides, data, audio, video, surveying and polling and knowing in real time who is viewing the presentation, how they are responding, where they spending the most time or where they stop viewing.

There are other providers of real time lead analytics, but few compare to Slide Rocket’s ease of use and ability to engage.



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