Selling by Voicemail

These days sales folks don’t get to talk on the phone much.

As you know, nobody actually answers the phone, so if you are doing
a bit of prospecting you better get really good at leaving effective sales
messages on voicemail.

I get sales messages on my voicemail everyday and they all go
about like this.

Hi…I know you don’t know me, but I’m great, my company
is great, my products are great and I want to take some of your
valuable time so I can learn what you do and then I will try to
figure out how I can sell to you.

Now I know that’s a bit over the top but think how many times
you’ve left a voicemail that sent about that message.

I visited with Jill Konrath of and
she outlined a formula for voicemail selling that is awesome.
(I will say that all it really does is follow proper marketing
technique but it is rare to find someone who does that)

Her script (and I do mean a written script) would go more
like this:

“Hi Gary, this is Jill Konrath with Selling To Big Companies
dot com and I have been researching your business for the
last 6 months and discovered that you have formed a new
division that targets the IT industry. I also noticed in your
annual report you claim that quickly grabbing market share
is essential to your success. I have developed a sales training
program that was specifically designed to teach IT salespeople
how to rapidly introduce new products and services. I have a
quick demonstration video that outlines how our program has
produced measurable results for other in your industry and…”

Okay, again a bit over the top for demonstration purposes,
but I hope you immediately see (hear) the difference.

Jill’s message said – I know you, I understand a challenge
you have, I know you are busy, let me show you how to
solve your challenge.

Yes, this approach requires a bit more work, but the payoff
for hard work when it comes to sales prospecting is always
worth it.


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