Instant Press Release?

Warning: I offer you a free software program at the end of
this entry! Do not read if you don’t like free stuff.

The good old press release is still one of the stock tools for
any business that wants to use public relations as a key lead
generation tool.

I know a lot of businesses don’t look at PR as lead generation
but that’s what it is for the small business. Remember, the
marketing challenge for the small business is to break through
all the clutter and become known and trusted. Nothing does
that like a good story in the local daily.

Now, back to the press release. I have struggled for years to
get small business owners to understand how to write and
use a press release, so I decided to take what I know and
see if I could create a software program that allowed anyone
to write and perfectly format a press release.

So…introducing Instant Press Release – this free program
will teach you most of what you need to know to write a
good press release and then automatically format your
press release just like the media wants it.

Grab your copy of Instant Press Release and pass it on to
your blog readers, customers, friends, and subscribers freely.

Maybe together we can make the small business PR world
a better place.

By the way, I showed this program to some professional PR folks
and they got very threatened by its effectiveness – they claim that
no one can write a press release by simply filling in some blanks
and answering some questions. . . must mean it’s a good tool!


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