My Daughters Are So Pissed

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Here’s how it all started. Hey girls, “I just signed up for a Facebook account.”

“Dad, that is so lame, what are you a stalker?”

“No girls, Facebook just opened up their API to third party developers and now businesses and application developers have unprecedented access to their 20 million users.”


The move by Facebook, dubbed f8, should put small business marketers on alert. Now is the time to start learning how to navigate and use the Facebook platform and the coming storm of applications that are on the way.

I am building a network of cutting edge small business marketers on Facebook and invite you to join me to network, communicate, learn.

If you don’t have a Facebook account, go get one and start poking around. (Send me a friend request with DTM in the request) If you already have an account, send me a friend request with DTM in the note and join the Duct Tape Marketers Group.

This is an evolving space so look at your time here as learning and discovery.

Some good backstory links for you:
HP’s Eric Kintz on the marketing potential of facebook
Alec Saunders – Using Facebook polls
Facereviews – Reviews new Facebook applications
Techcrunch covers new platform launch

Update: My UK readers tell me that the title of this post suggests that pissed used by itself suggests a state of drunkenness and that I really mean pissed off. I wish they would learn to speak proper English.


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