Marketing is pretty simple stuff really

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I am in San Francisco attending a marketing conference
and one of the first lessons I was reintroduced to was
that marketing is little more than giving people what they

It doesn’t matter what medium you choose or what industry
you are in, it all still boils down to that. The companies that
get that, thec ompanies that focus on that, win. End of story

So how do you do that?

First you ask people what they want. Ask you clients your
target market, what it is that they are not getting from your
product, service, or entire industry. When was the last time
you actually got some feedback from your clients? You’de be
amazed at what a great source of research they can be.

After you ask them what they want, you craft an offer that
addresses that want, and then you track your results. It isn’t
much more complicated than that no matter how hard we try
to make it.

Many small business owners bang their heads against that
wall all day long trying to create a market, trying the sell a
product that they are in love with. The real money is in finding
a market, finding someone who wants something, and then
creating it for them.

There is a marketing consultant named Robert Middleton
that has an entire course on this subject. I would advise you
to go take a quick look. While you are at it you can download
a free [url=]Action Plan Marketing Workbook[/url]- this guide
will serve as an outline for your marketing plan.


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