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Recently I have been experimenting with audio
on the web and have found some very interesting

I’ve created an audio postcard for you to listen
to. This technology, as I wrote about last week is
a great way to get and post your client’s audio
testimonial right on your site.

I also have clients that are successfully restating
their guarantees using this service.

Turn up your speakers and see what an[url=] Audio Postcard[/url]
is all about. I think you will find it interesting.

This simple postcard took all of about 5 minutes
to create and you don’t even need a website to
use this service.

Think of the impact this type of product could
make on a promotional campaign.

Announce a new service, introduce a new employee,
talk about a new property you just listed, wish
someone a happy holiday, send a thank you note,
I’m telling you the uses are endless.

And best of all the process is very simple and
as you will see doesn’t require the listener
to download any software or plug ins.

Go give it a listen.


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