The Future of Online Marketing is Offline

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I attended a workshop session with Gary Halbert today
(Gary is one of the best known direct marketing copywriters
of all time) The primary theme of his message to a large
group of Internet marketers was this:

The Future of Online Marketing is Offline.

You can bet some folks in the audience were a bit
confused…but I tend to agree with this line of thinking

The Internet is simply one marketing tool.

As it becomes harder and harder to deliver legitimate
email messages, online marketers will discover that
what has always worked, still works.

Halbert ended by stating that, “Direct “snail” mail has
never been more effective”

People are desperate for content and contact…your
marketing must give them both.

Go look at the [url=]Gary Halbert Letter[/url]…it’s free but make
sure you have some time because there is a lot of
information on the site.


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