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Marketing Podcast with Joe Pulizzi

Content is no longer a nice form of marketing, it’s the air that guides the customer journey, or, in some cases, it’s a business model.

My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Joe Pulizzi, founder and CEO of the Content Marketing Institute and the author of the new book Content Inc.: How Entrepreneurs Use Content to Build Massive Audiences and Create Radically Successful Businesses. We discuss content marketing strategy and what it can mean for you and your business. 

Questions I ask Joe:

  • Is there still an opportunity to be successful in content marketing?
  • How do you make money in the initial stages of a content campaign?
  • What is the “Content Tilt?”

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • Why some businesses that try content marketing fail.
  • How email strategy is the key to a successful content marketing campaign.
  • Why you should build a following before developing a product.


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  1. 3 Website check list for 2016


    We won’t go into this too much as we’ve posted about it a few times already. Basically, folks are designing a website to automatically size down to fit multiple devices like tablets and smart phones. The scalable layouts are always well designed for a great user experience. Additionally, Google has said they will stop ranking sites that are not mobile responsive. This means the upgrade to a responsive site is no longer voluntary, its mandatory.

    2. LONGER PAGES, BUT FEWER PAGES (a.k.a Infinity Scrolling) or “One Page Sites”

    With the proliferation of blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, website users are getting used to scrolling down long pages of information. This use to be a big “no no” but hey times are changing. It seems like the scrolling long site has started to take the lead in modern look and functionality. The UX trend is to start crafting longer pages, but fewer pages. Yup, and even Google has shifted its search options to show endless amounts of information on just one page for its images and loads them as you scroll down the page.

    3. Webmasters VS Website coders/builders

    With the advancement of technology, it has become very easy to build and maintain a website. This is both awesome and deceiving at the same time. In this world of tech, it’s not if you can, its if you “know”. While the ability to free hand code is still vital, it is no longer the front runner to a functioning and successful website. However, a Webmaster with some coding skills, but more so the experience of running a website is the key to success now. You can pretty much find any solution you want already coded, all you need is a hall monitor so to speak. Keeping your website up to date on new codes and standards, as well as even helping with content. This is where a webmaster comes into play. Usually a webmaster will know how to keep your website up to date, help with content, and even handle your web marketing all for fractions of the price compared to a stick web coder. Don’t get us wrong, as you grow a web coder will be a necessity, however for small to midsize and local business, truthfully a skilled webmaster is all you need and will save you thousands of dollars.

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