I Love Small Businesses

I’ve spent a great deal of my life (almost half) working with small business owners and I have to tell you there’s nothing like it.

There is something equal parts terrifying and energizing about doing work for someone when you know that the check they write you is drawn from funds right out of their pocket.

I suppose the day I came to this conclusion was about 15 years ago. I had done a small project for a Fortune 500 company and sent them a bill for $1,565.85. About 90 days later I got a check for $156,686.00. (One more zero and maybe I’m not writing this blog!) I called them up to ask the best way to send it back and they scolded me for not having an accurate billing mechanism??

Increasingly, I find myself championing small business and what I call the Natural Marketing Advantages of Small Business. I’ve gotten such great response to a talk I give by the same title that I decided to propose it as a ChangeThis manifesto. I blogged about ChangeThis a few weeks ago, as a friend had a proposal going through the ChangeThis proposal process.

Now it’s my turn – go to ChangeThis and see if The Natural Marketing Advantages of Small Business deserves your vote!

And look for a mini video on the topic that I’m working on in the coming weeks.


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