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Mark Collier owner of dmc Design and one of my readers contacted me a few days ago to ask if he could use a tool I created as resource for one of his design clients.

The tool is something I created a few years ago and don’t promote enough myself. It’s something I call the Instant Press Release. The free online tool walks a user through the key components involved in creating a press release and then, with the push of a button, formats the release just like the media likes it.

Mark has a magician client that is including this tool as a resource to his clients. Many of his clients hire him as part of an event or special promotion. By giving them access to a tool for creating a press release he is in effect helping them stage a more successful event and making himself more valuable to the client hiring him.

This principle is one that every business can and should think long and hard about. How can you become more valuable to your clients. What can you offer to do, even if it’s not really your job, that would help them be more successful, get better results, solve more problems. Do that, and you will find the universe will make you more successful in the process.


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