How to Change the World: The Essence of Duct Tape Marketing


Guy Kawasaki gave my book Duct Tape Marketing a wonderful piece of real estate on his very high traffic blog How to Change the World.

The post is titled the Essence of Duct Tape Marketing and features a list of 10 key elements contained in the book.

If you don’t read this blog, you should. If you haven’t read Guy’s books, again, you should. If you haven’t heard him speak, you’ve missed plenty. Guy Kawasaki is regarded widely as one of the leading voices of passion for this entrepreneur thing and draws serious cred from a little start-up called Macintosh.

Here’s something you may not know about Guy that impresses anyone who gets to know him just a bit. For all the business fame he remains one of the most thoughtful, generous and enthusiastic supporters of small business on the planet.

He can hold CEOs rapt with thoughts of new strategy initiatives, venture capitalists court his attention, but my impression from several interviews I’ve conducted is he’d be pretty happy shooting pool at your favorite roadside joint. Not a bad model for the biz world.

About the author 

John Jantsch

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