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Everybody wants great marketing results overnight, the magic answer, the secret. Here’s the problem – there is no secret and there is no quick fix. I assume you intend to be in business for the long haul, so plan on taking the right steps, in an appropriate order, to get marketing results for the long haul. Do that and you will look up at the end of the year and find you’ve actually built a solid marketing foundation.

Don’t just attempt to throw money and resources at your marketing to get a faster result. It’s a little like birthing a baby I guess. You can’t take nine women and have a baby in a month. It’s a logical progression with one step after the other. Many small business owners could benefit from using a marketing calendar as their primary marketing planning tool. The idea is to keep doing something related to marketing, according to plan, month in and month out.

When you plan your marketing activities using a calendar, your focus tends to be on the long term goal, the due date if you will, rather than on the overwhelming realization that you have lots to do.

Here’s a marketing calendar I use with clients. Download it and send it to your local Kinko’s to have printed in poster size. Pick a major marketing activity each month for the rest of the year and make that your primary marketing theme for that month. Assign weekly tasks and hold weekly meetings to move the tasks forward. Create your marketing strategy this month, your educational content next and your revamped website the month after that.

I know it’s not that sexy but the slow and steady something will always beat the fast and flashy nothing when it comes to the long term health of your business.


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