Have You Sold Your Internal Customers?

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You can make the sale. You know your core message. You know your
target market inside out, right?

But, if you have even one employee then you’ve got another sales job
to do. Everyone in your organization must also be sold on the dream
you have. Everyone who answers the phone, walks the sales floor,
attends that Chamber event, or follows-up on a sales lead in your
company’s name must be sold first.

Let’s start to think of your employees and strategic partners or as
internal prospects. What have you done to really light their fire
about what your company does, about how it is different, about
the unique value you can bring to a service relationship?

Most of the time small business owners completely neglect the
notion of what might be called “marketing training.” But then
they wonder why no one in the organization gets pumped up about
providing over the top service. Or why no one really has a clear
picture of who or what makes a good lead.

I can’t stress this notion enough. Any person in your organization
that comes into contact with a client or prospect in any fashion is
performing a marketing function


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  1. John,

    Actually, I have two comments about your latest newsletter!:

    1. On a personal level, the aspect of “selling your internal customers” has NEVER EVER worked for me! Now, this could be for any number of reasons…

    A. My poor choices of companies I’ve worked with… [Sidebar thought: I’ve always felt that I should work “with” and not “for” a company, but NONE of them apparently felt that way].

    B. The companies I DID work “with/for” did not share the same views, didn’t have a clue how to market internally, or were totally out for the almighty dollar under the guise of “we are family”.

    C. One of the greatest “stories” I’ve ever witnessed is the “fish” story… Don’t know if you’ve seen that….. where they throw these big fish all around the store?

    Now THIS is what I’M talking about!…. Bet THOSE employees feel like they’re somebody… feel like they’re a big part of the team… feel like they work “with” and not “for”!

    And lastly, the Beach Boys are/were one of my most favorite groups!…. guess we’re tellin’ our age?<g> (Led Zeppelin is my MOST favorite, followed by Cream, Steppenwolf, Bob Dylan…. geesh!…. not only could I rattle off numerous “favorites”…. not to mention, bore you to death with my ramblin’ about the same–unless you hit delete!–Guess I’ll close and leave you with YOUR thoughts of the “good ‘ole days of Rock ~n~ Roll”!!

    Carl Ellis
    ==== Sig Line ====

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    “Home Land Security”

    Also Offering…

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  2. John,

    I just came across your blog and have spent the last hour reading it. You’re right on. What’s more is, I’ve completely ignored the ‘internal customer’ with respect to my law firm client’s employees. I can’t wait to read you in the coming months.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Matthew Samp
    Law Firm Marketing Consultant
    Omaha, Nebraska

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