Is Your Copy Fluffy?

Is Your Copy Fluffy?

Is Your Copy Fluffy?

By John Jantsch

One of the greatest ways to check if your content
or sales letter will be effective is to count the
number of adjectives and then compare that with the
number of verbs.

Just remember, verbs sell…adjectives fluff or worse.

I was reminded of this in a recent story from Alex Mandossian,
an unrelenting Internet Marketing self-promoter.

“The Ten Commandments, handed down to the prophet
Moses by God in 1800 BC, are the most famous lines of
persuasive copy in world history.” He goes on to note
that only 10% of the words in the Ten Commandments are

There’s a reason why the Ten Commandments is the most
influential moral code in the world. Its economical
use of words is undoubtedly one reason…but it is its
strong use of verbs that really closes the deal.

The verbs in the Ten Commandments?
Covet, Muder, Worship, Love, Hate, Labor, Honor, Steal,
Commit Adultry, Bear False Witness.

Hard to call that fluffy stuff.

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