Go To Work On Your Web Site With The Right Tools

Go To Work On Your Web Site With The Right Tools

Go To Work On Your Web Site With The Right Tools

By John Jantsch

Recently I was in the middle of completely overhauling the
DuctTapeMarketing Web site. It was time to freshen things up
a bit so I kind of overdid it. On top of changing the overall look
and feel, I am adding tons of new resources, audio, and a weblog.

On top of changing the overall look and feel, I added tons of
new resources, audio, and a weblog.

I am really excited about the Weblog (or Blog). If you are not
familiar with blogs and blogging, I suspect you will be someday
soon. A blog is many things, but it started out as a way for
people to easily publish their sometimes random thoughts on
any topic they desired.

As blogs grew in popularity and acceptance, software makers
jumped in and created product to make blogging even easier.

So how does that apply to you? I have taken several years of
small business advice and plowed it into my blog. What that
means is that very soon you will be able to visit DuctTape
Marketing.com, visit the weblog section, and have access to
an entire library of small business marketing strategies, advice,
ranting and resources fully sortable by topic and searchable
by keyword.

In addition, you and anyone else who visits that weblog will be
able to add comments. Found a better way to do something?,
add it to the site. Don’t like some advice?…keep it to yourself.
Just kidding, but over time the site will become a growing and
thriving community of small business marketers. I am really
excited about the possibilities for this.

Want to learn more about the software I am using for my Blog
or anything else about blog go here: [url=http://www.pmachine.com/]PMachine[/url]

One of the lessons I retaught myself through all of this is the
value of having and using the right tools. First and foremost
I have been spending a ton of time with my old favorite
[url=https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/website_marketing_strategies.htm] Make Your Site Sell[/url] by Ken Evoy
This classic and mammoth book is the bible for anyone who
wants to have anything to do with selling – on the Internet
or not. If you read nothing else this quarter…read this
book. You will be floored.

I have also had the opportunity to reconfirm the value of a
great web host. Web hosting is one of those things many people
take for granted until they have a problem. I have worked with
many web hosts, either for my own sites or on behalf of clients
and I can tell you I will never use any host besides
[url=https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/website_marketing_strategies.htm]Host4Profit.[/url] The basic charge for more services than any host
I have found is $24.95/month. There may be cheaper services
out there but the thing Host4Profit does is help me whenever
I answer.

For this website project I coded some pages in PHP and use
a mySQL database. Now while this was way over my head,
I learned that my site already was equipped with the latest
tools to run this program and they even walked me through
installing it. Their help is well worth the price…plus
they have a referral program…refer 3 folks and your
hosting is free.

Finally, I have spent thousands on finding the perfect
list hosting/autoresponder service. As my list has grown
in size I wanted a server based company to send emails like
this one and automate the entire subscribe and unsubscribe
functions. I love [url=https://www.ducttapemarketing.com/website_marketing_strategies.htm]ProAutoresponder[/url] for this function.

As a side bar here…if you are not using email to communicate
with your clients and offer information, discounts, new
product upgrades, etc…you are missing the boat. An
autoresponder is an essential tool for making this work.

Again I love ProAutoresponder. The tools work, they even
generate the forms you need for your website…anyone who
has tried to create forms knows they offer some challenges

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