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I turned the tables and interviewed journalist Rieva Lesonsky for this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. Lesonsky is senior vice president and editorial director of Entrepreneur Media Inc., which includes Entrepreneur magazine and numerous media brand extensions such as Entrepeneur.com.

She is one of the most gracious, funny and approachable editors you will meet.

We talked about the success of Entrepreneur, future of the print publishing business and how to get your business noticed by major publications.

Entrepreneur magazine is thriving when some other print publications are barely hanging on (one of my favorites Business 2.0 just announced it’s closing shop.) Rieva suggests that the publication has always been more, well, entrepreneurial, and that’s the secret to its success.

From my own take, Entrepreneur Media certainly embraced the power of the web well before other major publications. Do a search of Google for small business and small business marketing and you will find entrepreneur.com near the top of the search results.


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