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KickAppsSocial Networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn and MySpace are all the rage at the moment for the potential they offer some businesses. They do offer tremendous applications for building community and even building business but these giants also possess some real limitations for most businesses due to the overwhelming size and potentially unfocused nature of the community inhabitants. (Do you really want some creepy 16 year old reading all the private, intimate details about your products?)

So, maybe you’re like many who think that the idea of building a community with lots of tools that help them share, interact, and create content that is focused on a single, perhaps very niche, topic of interest to all the members of the network is a great idea.

If so, you could easily find a developer to spend hundreds of hours hacking together a network offering just for you or, you could look into a growing list of tools that are made for people who would like to create their own social network branded just for their business or topic needs.

The leaders in this space are Ning and KickApps, but there are others as well. Ning wins the award for simplicity and boasts over 70,000 users. KickApps offers people with just a little bit of web coding skills the best option for creating a social network that integrates more seamlessly with your existing web presence in look and feel.

I am in the process of creating a Duct Tape community offering using KickApps that will allow Duct Tape readers to submit content, including video, share marketing stories, get marketing help and basically interact with like minded small business marketers. More to come on that!

If you have an interest in this topic you might want to start your research by reading this TechCruch article titled the 9 Ways to Build Your Own Social Network


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  1. I really enjoy this new trend of social networks. I have to admit that I am addicted to Facebook.

    This type of service adds value to a brand and offers a USP for consumers. It could be considered experimental marketing – allowing consumers to interact with a brand. I am really interested in this new type of marketing as it allows relationships to build between brands, consumers and networks.

    Sorry got to dash, I need to check my facebook account – how sad

  2. Just recently found your site and now regularly view your blog as you always have the best marketing ideas and new news and info for small businesses. Really liked this post on ning, the company that can help people build their own social networking site. I’d never heard of them so thanks, really useful info.

    All the best


  3. I could not agree more. I regularly view your blog and I like your style. Your marketing marketing ideas , news and info for businesses is top notch.
    I am building a site using Kick Apps which has a lot of flexability built in. keep up the good work.

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