What Are the Best Tools for Note Taking at Meetings and Conferences?

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Friday is “Question of the Week” day here at Duct Tape Marketing. Each Friday I’ll tackle a specific question I received via readers or in places where I’m speaking. Submit your question here and if we use it we’ll highlight you and send you a signed copy of Duct Tape Marketing.

note taking tools
photo credit: Hades2k via photopin cc

I attend a decent amount of meetings and conferences and both present opportunities for recording ideas, action items and random to dos.

These days, as I look out into the audiences I speak to, I see a wide array of tools, techniques and devices being employed by those who take notes, hopefully for later application.

For most of my business life I used a tool that followed me from school to the meeting room – the scientific notebook. I’ve got shelves of filled ones in my office.

More recently I switched to going digital for this task.

I started this transition when Evernote first burst on the scene and I was an early evangelist of sorts for the tool. Today I’ve settled in to the much more streamlined outliner called Workflowy as it seems to better fit the linear way I think. I do still keep a pocket sized Moleskin with me for those times when I can’t fire up an electronic device.

I started asking others what tools they employ when taking notes on iPads, mobile devices and laptops and the following list makes up the current thinking on some of the best tools.

[listly id=”9qc” layout=”full”]


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