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Marketing Podcast with Robb Hiller

In this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Robb Hiller. Robb is the CEO of Performance SolutionsMN. He is nationally known for his expertise in talent selection, executive coaching, team development, sales, and leadership building.

Key Takeaway:

Robb Hiller has taught the Power of 3 for many years in his work, but it came into much sharper focus as he was battling a health challenge in his life.

In this podcast episode, Robb authentically shares his story about how used the Power of 3 to overcome the major adversity he faced unexpectedly in his life. He dives into how this method gives you easy-to-use, practical tools to help overcome stressful challenges and adversity in your life, and become a better person and leader.

Questions I Ask Robb Hiller:

  • [1:29] The power of three is something you’ve taught for years, but it came into sharper focus while battling a health challenge — can you tell your story?
  • [14:25] So your Power of 3 Framework is “ask, activate, and advocate” — when you work with someone, how would you suggest someone implement this?
  • [15:37] How do people apply this framework in the day-to-day world?

More About Robb Hiller:

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