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Marketing Podcast with Phil M. Jones
Podcast Transcript

The title of this post is misleading and maybe even a bit disturbing to some, so let me clarify that I mean for good only!

By studying human behavior and language, you can put yourself in the best possible position to do good and help others by virtue of the products and services – and more importantly – the results you can bring.

My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Phil M. Jones. Jones is a sales trainer, speaker, and best-selling author. He and I discuss his mission to teach the world how to sell by helping non-salespeople understand how they can use magic words to achieve more influence, stronger relationships, and more sales.

Jones is one of the most sought after speakers on the circuit and is highly regarded as the world’s leading sales trainer. From training more than two million people worldwide to coaching some of the biggest brands in the world – Phil’s mission to “teach the world to sell” has resulted in his expertise being globally recognized.

Questions I ask Phil M. Jones:

  • What are some problem areas and common mistakes when it comes to selling?
  • What are some of the magic words people can use to help them sell?
  • Today, consumers research prior to buying, how does this impact the role of the salesperson?

What you’ll learn if you give a listen:

  • How to create a situation that makes it easier to sell
  • Why you need to be 100% confident in what you are selling
  • Why the human element is so important in the digital world

Key takeaways from the episode and more about Phil M. Jones:

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