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Marketing Podcast with Jean Hanson

Jean Hanson guest on the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, align your lifeIn this episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast, I interview Jean Hanson. Jean is a Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, energy healer, and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to this, Jean and her husband Steve owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community. She’s also the author of a new book — Trust Your Higher Guidance: Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve

Key Takeaway:

The old saying “trust your gut” refers to trusting those feelings of intuition – the buzzing in your stomach, the seemingly random full-body chills. Your intuition is always leaving small, subtle clues, gently nudging you in the right direction. What would your life look like if you lean into your intuition, instead of letting it pass you by? In this episode, Certified Higher Guidance Life Coach, Jean Hanson, joins me in this episode to talk about how leaning into her intuition ultimately aligned her life with her passion and how she’s helped many others do the same.

Questions I ask Jean Hanson:

  • [1:49] What has been your journey as an entrepreneur?
  • [5:50] How did you overcome the fear of leaving an industry that you’d known for 30 years to do something completely different?
  • [7:28] You shared some difficult stories in your book — was that hard to share or do you think that was that a part of your healing process?
  • [11:02] Was there a point at which you said this is a real thing?
  • [13:49] Did the day-to-day things that you kept chasing stop you from being creative or feeling joy in your business?
  • [15:44] What have you seen that is really hard for people to overcome or the biggest thing that you think holds people back?
  • [17:22] Could you talk a little bit about some of the tools you’ve mentioned — like the Harmonic Egg, your program the Body Code, and Oracle cards? And what does the normal path look like in the way that you would work with someone?
  • [18:27] I’ve got pain like between my shoulder blades which is obviously where most people carry stress or a lot of people do. So is that part of the diagnosis process?
  • [19:19] The awareness of the connection between the mental and physical has been around for hundreds of years but is becoming more mainstream. Specifically just how much of that can be healed and cured, and also how many of the diseases it’s almost as if we caused them — which is harsh but it is somewhat of a reality, would you say so?
  • [20:46] Are you also able to work with people in a coaching environment virtually?
  • [21:12] Where can people find out more about your work, connect with you, and get a copy of your book?

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(00:54): Hello and welcome to another episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast. This is John Jantsch, my guest, today's Jean Hanson. She's a certified higher guidance life coach, energy healer, and co-owner of Realign Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa, Arizona. Prior to this Jean and her husband Steve owned two successful companies that helped thousands of business owners through the tools and guidance they provided for their online community. She's also the author of a new book called Trust Your Higher Guidance, Align Your Life to Manifest the Joy and Success You Deserve. So Jean, welcome to the show.

Jean Hanson (01:28): Thanks John. It's good to be here. You've, you didn't mention that I'm a former Duct Tape Marketing

John Jantsch (01:34): . No, I didn't. We were gonna, we were definitely gonna get to that of course, because I think it'd be interesting for people to hear your journey you and known each other for quite some time because as you mentioned, you, you were a duct tape, you owned a marketing agency and you aligned with Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network. So a lot of times the first question I love to ask entrepreneurs is just kind of how did you get to here? Like talk about your journey as an entrepreneur a bit.

Jean Hanson (01:57): Yeah, so as you know, my husband Steve and I have been, we've been in the cleaning industry for over 30 years in different companies. We've owned two cleaning companies. We had a membership website that we started in 2005 for cleaning business owners and we ran that for 15 years. And so that was my background. And so how we ended up in the wellness industry, it's quite a story, but I'll try and give you the really short version. So, you know, a few years ago I just really began a spiritual journey cuz I was so entrenched my entire career in work and business and kind of lost that whole spiritual side of myself. I never had time for it. And so I just started this journey and something odd happened to me in 2019 . I had what some people refer to as a spiritual awakening and it actually, I had some, some psychic gifts open up for me and I, I just decided I needed to lean into this and see where this was gonna take me.

(02:59): I had built up enough of a team in our business and in the marketing agency I had some, someone managing the day to day. So I had time to pursue this and it led me into a higher guidance life coaching and also into an energy healing modality that I practiced now called the Body Code. And eventually it led us to the Harmonic egg. So yeah, so this was kind of a journey that started in 2019 and then through 2020 I was just really educating myself, taking the courses. And during all of this time, my husband Steve, he also got interested in sound healing. So it was something different, but it was similar. And suddenly he's buying Tibetan bowls and crystal bowls and sound healing instruments and getting certified. And so, you know, we're discussing this in 2020. We're like, so what are we gonna do with all of this?

(03:56): I had already decided I'm gonna do this on a part-time basis. I don't know where it's gonna take me eventually, but I thought I have enough time to do this. And, but then that's when we discovered the Harmonic aag. And so the Harmonic aag, if people wanna do a Google search for that or go to harmonic, you'll see what it is. But it's a very large egg shaped resonant chamber that you sit inside. It's a, it's an energy healing modality that is, uses sound and colored light therapy. So we use music as the sound and the music is chosen specifically for what you wanna work on. Same with the colors. And it's amazing, it's super, I mean, I just can't even describe the feeling that we get from the results people are getting from it. But when we discovered that, we realized now that if we put everything together that the two of us were doing with the egg as the feature of the business, We have a wellness center, you know, we have a business that we could, you know, we could potentially sell our current business and do this. So it took us a few months. This wasn't an immediate decision. So this was a huge life transition, something that we'd been doing for so many years to just totally give that up and go into something brand new. And not only that, we went across the country to do it. . Yeah. Um, so yeah, you and I were talking before that we didn't have a big network to start a brand new business, so we had to start kind of from scratch. So

John Jantsch (05:22): Yeah, I'm sure there are other people out there that have actually come to a place where they said, this isn't working for me, I need to change something. But kind of held back, I mean, not only was it a big different life altering change, I mean, it's the kind of change that, like say you were in your twenties or thirties, you know, you were still listening to your parents, they probably would've said, You're doing what? Yeah. You know? Right. Is that a bus actually a business? Yeah. I mean, so did you ever feel like, I mean, what, how did you overcome what must have been some fear in saying, Hey, this is what we've known for 30 years and now we're gonna chuck it all and do something we feel called to, but certainly very different.

Jean Hanson (06:00): Yeah, and that's why it took us a few months to really finally decide, make that final decision, especially for Steve because he was enjoying what he was doing in our business. Yeah. And he was Vaseline back and forth quite a bit. I was like, ready to just jump in because I was at a point in the business where I was just feeling very unfulfilled. I knew that, you know, and I talk a lot about life purpose in the book and it, for most of my adult life, I really felt like I wasn't living my life purpose. Like that thing that, that higher calling that just drives us. I knew I was living with purpose, I knew I was helping a lot of people, but it just, to me, there was always this missing piece. And so for me, that's what really drove me to wanna keep moving forward.

(06:52): And it felt good. That's, you know, that'ss the other thing, if you are not feeling comfortable in what you're doing now, and you start something new and it just, it continues to feel really good and you keep getting more and more excited about it, that's your intuition, your higher guidance, whatever you wanna call it, that is leading you towards what you're supposed to be doing. Now, like I said, took a little longer for Steve, but you know, now he wouldn't have it any other way. And there was, there did come a point where he did say, Yep, this is it. This is, I wanna do this too. Because there were frustrations for him in the business as well. He just wasn't a admit to it. Right away.

John Jantsch (07:28): In, in the book, you actually, I mean, you talk about your previous business and the struggles that you had that probably led you to this. You also share some pretty personal stories in the book. Was that hard or was that maybe part of the healing process, if you will?

Jean Hanson (07:42): Both. Yeah. Yeah. It was hard. I mean, I was being guided to write my stories. I didn't know what it, that it was gonna lead to this book. But I, I, there were things in my life that I never fully process, especially my mother's death. And so I, I talk about a lot of that and it's very difficult topics as you said, but it was very healing to finally get that out. And now that the book is actually out, it's like, wow, people are, they're, you know, they're being so kind and they're, they, you know, I realized that I, I realized before I published it that this was gonna help a lot of people. And that's really the reason I did it. Because, you know, people are gonna relate to other people that have been through difficult situations. And especially if I'm gonna do this higher guidance like coaching, which this isn't your typical life coaching, this is connecting to people's spirit guides.

(08:35): So we do have guides that are guiding us and they speak to us through our intuition. So those intuitive hits that you get that's coming from both your higher self and your guides. And so that is what I'm able to connect with when I worked with people on the higher guidance. And so I actually give examples in the book about how I worked with three women and, you know, talk about, you know, I made a huge life transition. The women in the book didn't have to make a huge life transition. I talk about getting your life into alignment, and that's about getting into alignment with your purpose. Now, for them, for two of them, they were already living their purpose. They loved their business, they loved what they did, but there was a missing piece that they couldn't quite get a handle on or couldn't quite manifest. And so we did the coaching, I did several sessions with each of them, and now they're making it happen.

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(10:40): You talk about like people, everybody has these sparks of intuition or whatever you, whatever they choose to call it, probably most people ignore them or you know, maybe they think, Oh, that was interesting, but they're not intentionally processing them. Was there a point at which you said, I have to start paying attention to these and you re you mentioned already that you recognized that you had a particular gift or ability. Was there a point at which you said this is a real thing and not just like, what is going on?

Jean Hanson (11:07): Yeah, for sure. And I actually, there was a point where I made an intention to just lean in and follow the guidance no matter where it took me. No matter how afraid I got of stepping outside of my box, that's not a, you know, that's not easy to do. And you know, people do ignore their intuition and you know, intuition comes, a lot of times it comes through your body. People have experienced chills before. It's like, oh that's, you know, I got the chills, I need to do that. Or you know, that the gut feelings that we get that are kind of warning us that maybe we shouldn't do that. So people have those kinds of intuition and they ignore that a lot of time. And so there are things that you can do or you know, there's actually people that I talk to that, well, I don't have any intuition and are, you know, I certainly can't connect to it.

(11:55): And there's a reason for that. And the reason is part, a big part of the reason is that they're vibing very low. So, you know, people talk about, oh that's a really high vibe person. Right? That's a real thing. And if you're familiar with the book Power versus Force, that's a really good bo, it actually talks about vibrational resonance and there's actually a chart in there that it's based on the frequencies of different emotions. So you enter a room and it's got a really high vibe, people are happy, joyful. So that's a real thing. And same thing is if there's a really negative vibe going on. So the people that are vibing very negatively, they're in emotions of, you know, maybe fear or anxiety or anger, frustration, shame, guilt, all of those really low vibration emotions. When you're in the, that state, you can't connect to your intuition because you're just running through your mind is going, you know, all this negative talk and you're just gonna ignore it. The people that are vibing in emotions of joy and love and peace, they're those high vied people and they're open to receive the messages. So getting your vibration high is really key.

John Jantsch (13:05): Yeah. And I think if people can't immediately connect to those terms, I mean we've all experienced what you talked about the room where you may not have put a term to it, but you're like, Wow, everything, everybody's happy here. This seems like a, Or even an individual person, yes. You meet that person, you're like, Wow, I really like that person. You know, I mean it's, a lot of it's stuff we want won't put names on necessarily, but as entrepreneurs, you know, one of the things that I think you and you talked about a couple of women that you showcase in the book that as entrepreneurs it, it's essential. I mean, we can't create, we can't be innovative, I don't think, without, you know, what you're calling on. You know, that higher energy, if we're stuck down in, you know, the, just the details that that just, you know, it's just like in your business, I imagine a lot of what you found was that some of the day to day stuff that you kept chasing really actually stopped you from being creative or feeling joy in your business,

Jean Hanson (13:58): Didn't it? Yeah, for sure. I waited much too long to build my team and I was, I did get stuck in that day to day stuff. Yeah. You know, and it, let's say you've got a marketing business or any kind of business and things aren't going that well, maybe sales are down and maybe you're frustrated with that and you don't know how to get out. Or you say, Oh, I've tried this and this and this and nothing works. You're stuck in that. And so that's when things don't happen, that's when you start manifesting more of what you've been thinking about, you know, thoughts or things. That's a, you know, that's a thing that most people have heard. Same thing. But if you can get yourself out of that and be, here's one of the things that I tell people, if you wanna, how can you raise your vibration? One of the things is to be grateful and have a gratitude practice. Because if we're stuck in everything is so horrible, you are missing the things that are positive in your life and being grateful for those things and changing your thought process, really start paying attention to that inner dialogue. Because if you're in that mindset of, ugh, I, you know, sales are down, expenses are up, I can't make any,

John Jantsch (15:03): I always screw everything up. Yeah, yeah.

Jean Hanson (15:05): All of

John Jantsch (15:05): That,

Jean Hanson (15:06): That was part of my journey too, was to really listen to myself talk and now I'm almost hypervigilant about it.

John Jantsch (15:13): . Right. Yeah, no, you're right. I mean, as a as particularly as an entrepreneur, you know, we want everything to go better than it is. It could be going great, right? , we want everything to be going better because we see other people doing better than us. And I think that really does rob you of look how far you've come, you know, look how far what you've accomplished. Look how great you have actually have it. Right. Yeah,

Jean Hanson (15:33): Yeah.

John Jantsch (15:34): Absolutely. So that's true. And I know that's a part of the coaching you do is to help people get in the habit of expressing that gratitude. Because I think it more than anything else, that's what it is. Yeah. What's the biggest thing that you think holds people back? I know you talk about limiting beliefs as a lot of folks doing this work do, but you know, what have you seen is really hard for people to overcome even when they start this work?

Jean Hanson (15:55): Yeah. And really I think it's fear. Yeah. And a lot of that fear starts because of the limiting beliefs. So, you know, you grew up with, I grew up with gotta work hard, gotta work a lot of hours if I wanna make the big bucks, well eventually I did, but it took way too long. , and you know, but when you change that, if you can step outside, if you can get excited about something, I curiosity, I talk about curiosity in the book because that was really big for me. If you can get curious about something or if you, if something comes across your path that you're curious about, don't discard that. Go start researching because if you start researching and you keep getting excited about it, then you know I talked about that earlier, then that can lead you to a path of discovery of something that's gonna open wide up for you.

(16:46): But if you just ignored that or ignore the synchronicities, that's another story I tell in the book about one of the gals and the, when I was telling her about the book, I kept using the word alignment cuz that's what this is all about. Aligning your life. She's like, I gotta just stop you right there because you keep saying that word alignment. Well guess she has a theme word every single year. And her word for that year was alignment. And she could have written it off as coincidence, but she's like, Okay, I'm in . She's like, she knew that was her sign.

John Jantsch (17:22): Talk a little bit about some of the tools, you mentioned the harmonic egg and your program, the Body code mm-hmm. . And then I know in the book you talk about Oracle cards, so maybe talk about like an maybe a way in which is is a somewhat normal path that you would work with

Jean Hanson (17:39): Somebody. Yeah, so the people that come in for physical healing, they usually, they're directed towards more the harmonic A and the body code. So the body code is, it's an energy healing modality that's about releasing trapped emotions, imbalances and misalignments in the body. So, you know, we think about trapped emotions, it's, that's the emotional baggage we carry around with us for years and years. And so those are, it's actually like a ball of energy that's stuck in our body. And it can start to cause discomfort. It can cause illness and pain. And so there's a process for releasing that and we get into all kinds of things like, you know, imbalances and organs and glands and the meridian system and different circuits and systems of the body.

John Jantsch (18:27): So that might manifest itself as like, I always have lower back pain or I've got pain like between my shoulder blades. Yes. You know, which is obviously where most people carry stress. Yeah. Or a lot of people do. So, so that's part that's, I don't wanna call it diagnosis, but that's part of the diagnosis process I suppose.

Jean Hanson (18:44): Yeah. And obviously we don't diagnose, but we just focus on one thing. So you know, for example, if you've got the back pain, we'll focus on that and what is associated with that back pain. And so then we start going into the different things. Just worked with a gal this morning on digestion, so everything that was related to digestion. So

John Jantsch (19:01): Yeah, it is, it is crazy the, and I and certainly people have written about this for hundreds of years, but it seems like it's becoming more mainstream, particularly in Western society, the connection between the mental and the physical and that just how much of that not only could be healed and cured, but maybe even some of the diseases that it's almost like we caused them, I guess, you know? Yeah. In some ways, which is a harsh way to talk about it, but it's somewhat reality isn't it?

Jean Hanson (19:27): It is. And that's what I love about what we do is because it's, we're really focusing on getting to the root cause of a lot of this illness and discomfort and pain and you know, you mentioned mental and and physical and with the harmonic a a lot of people come in for, you know, physical issues for emotional, mental and even spiritual sessions. Now we're not saying that the harmonic egg is doing the healing, you are actually doing your own healing. What we're doing is putting you into an environment where your body can heal itself. And we do work on the autonomic nervous system first to get stressed down to get people out of fight or flight. Cuz until you're out of that high stress mode, your body's not gonna heal. And so, you know, if they come in for, you know, whatever they wanna work on, it'll be multiple sessions. But that first session is always about stress and now we can start working on other things and so it, we, you know, it actually works at a cellular level and a lot of people that experience the egg, they get tingling in their body or they have some twitching going on and they can feel the energy, but it's their body doing the work. Cause the frequencies of the sound and the light waves travel through water really easily. So guess what? We're mostly water . Yeah. You know, so that's why it can work so well.

John Jantsch (20:46): So you've talked about the center in people stopping in Mesa. Are you also able to uh, work with people in a coaching environment virtually?

Jean Hanson (20:54): Yeah, we can actually do harmonic egg remote sessions. I can do body code over Zoom and for sure the higher guidance like coaching. So that's the other thing that I, we were talking about that the book is related to. Yeah, I do that over Zoom and I do it in person of course. So

John Jantsch (21:10): Yeah. Awesome. Yeah, well tell people Jean, where they can obviously find more, you know, on your website and if you wanna invite people in Mesa to find you somewhere or connected any of the places you're connecting with people.

Jean Hanson (21:22): So I have two websites, The Wellness Centerline, Your Life Wellness Center in Mesa. It's a realign your life So you can go there for, if you're interested in that for the higher guidance life coaching, I have gene, so it's J E A N H A N S O and that's where you can sign up for higher guidance life coaching. I have the book actually available on both sites and the book is on Amazon. The links are all there. So yeah.

John Jantsch (21:51): Awesome. Well I appreciate you taking the time to stop by the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast and hopefully we'll see you and Steve as well say hi to Steve one of these days when we're out there on the road.

Jean Hanson (22:00): Sounds good. Thanks John.

John Jantsch (22:02): You bet. Hey, in one final thing before you go, you know how I talk about marketing strategy, strategy before tactics? Well, sometimes it can be hard to understand where you stand in that, what needs to be done with regard to creating a marketing strategy. So we created a free tool for you. It's called the Marketing Strategy Assessment. You can find it @ Check out our free marketing assessment and learn where you are with your strategy today. That's just I'd love to chat with you about the results that you get.

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