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Be easy to do business with. That’s a mantra every small business marketer should adopt.

One of the way you accomplish this is to provide your prospects with many different ways to contact you and buy. Some people are more comfortable with the phone, others with email. Make sure that offer all.

Google and Windows Live recently implemented a technology in their Local Listings that allows a surfer to visit a listing and click on a “call now” link to initiate a phone call to the business. It’s not earthshattering, but it does offer another way to engage.

Any small business owner who has a website can add this function as well. A fairly new click to connect option from Jaduka allows small business owners easily set-up and implement a click to call function.

Adding this to a website will likely prompt more users to pick up the phone and call, even if you list your phone number on the page anyway. You can also send your click to call button in an email and promote phone conversations. Users click on your click to call icon and a small window pops up prompting them to input their phone number. Once they hit send the call is initiated.

For many businesses and prospects the phone is still the most comfortable and most effective form of contact. Anything you can do to promote more phone conversations is probably a good thing.


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