Yahoo Intros Blogging With A Twist

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Word on the AP wire today is that Yahoo plans to finally take advantage of its gigantic user base to introduce a blogging tool.  The description on a Yahoo beta page describes a service that seems as though it is a hybrid blogging and social networking tool that will allow users to take advantage of all of the resources that already exist on Yahoo and then power up applications such as email and contact management. For example: Users will be able to text messages and send photos to their blogs from their wireless phones. From the AP report:

The service is designed to enable Yahoo’s 165 million
registered users to pull content from the Web site’s discussion groups,
online photo albums and review section to plug into their own Web logs,
or blogs, the Internet shorthand used to describe online personal

They say that the service won’t be available until March 29 and will be offered by invitation only, much like Gmail, but you can sign-up to be on the invite list.

If you already have a free Yahoo account you can sign-in and  get more details


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