Raise prices and get more referrals

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Eventually you’ve got to raise your prices. You’ve held on for five years now because the last time you asked your clients to allow a $5 increase they screamed and moaned for weeks.

Here’s a solution that will allow you to boldly hike the price and increase referrals at the same time.

  1. Raise your prices – today – and go out and land some new clients
  2. Go to your existing clients with a good news bad news message – First the bad news. Costs have gone up so much that you are forced to increase your prices, but the good news is that you have a way for them to continue to buy at 1999 prices.
  3. All they need to do to get the lower price is refer you to two other prospects just like themselves.

When you take this approach you move the discussion away from the price increase and towards a way for them to save money. Of course the newly referred folks that come by way of this promotion all come in at the higher price.


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