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WordPress LogoAs you may have noticed I’ve migrated this blog to WordPress.

I love the platform and have become an evangelist for it. I’ve always been a fan, but now I can be a fan from experience. My first order of business is to publicly thank Lloyd Budd, with the WordPress team, for graciously and flawlessly handling the import of years of blogging posts and comments and feed and permalink redirects that allowed my readers and the search engines to stay intact, seemingly without a hiccup.

Now on to one of the best aspects of the move – plugins, widgets and addons. WordPress has an army of developers out there making tools that allow WordPress users to enhance their blogs with useful (and sometimes goofy) additions to the base software.

There are lots of places to find these, including the WordPress site, but here’s a nice WordPress Plugin Database and make sure you also visit Weblog Tools Collection.

    Here are some that I currently employ:

  • Share This – allows readers to bookmark and send a post via email
  • Related Content – Finds posts on my blog that are related to the current one
  • Akismet – Flags comment spam for easy deletes
  • Sphere – Finds related content around the web
  • WP-Cache – Makes the blog load much faster

I will probably add more to showcase books and products and make comments more lively, but a word of caution, you can go overboard with too much bling, make sure your additions benefit your readers – don’t add spinning gizmos just because you can.

Now, WordPress users, tell me about your must have plugins.



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  1. Matt, I do like the looks of that one.

    Anyone have any favorites for desktop blog posting client for Mac? I’ve been playing with ScribeFire

  2. Alex King’s “Popularity Contest” plugin is a great way to inform blog readers of your most popular blog posts. (It is found on the same page as your link to the Share This plugin.)

    You can tweak the settings so that “popularity” is based on just page views, or comments, or trackbacks, or incoming links or however you’d like it to calculate. It has a default setting, so you can just go with that if you don’t want to think about it.

    I also second the Google Sitemap generator plugin suggestion.

    And finally, if you want to keep a “sticky” introduction post that is always at the top of your blog for new readers, then I recommend the WP-Sticky plugin.

    I also agree about not going overboard. There are so many awesome plugins that it’s easy to want to use them all, and hard to resist!

  3. Adam,

    Yes, I agree – I do have that feature already functioning on the lest sidebar but I do need to do some tweaking to get the sidebars in better shape from a user standpoint.

  4. I was going to recommend What would Seth Godin do – but I see you already have that one ;0)

    I believe you also use the one that makes your comments stand out as the authors – which I can’t for the life of me get to work!

    I might check out some of the others in this list now though.

    Mrs S

  5. I use the following plugins: Akismet, All in One SEO Pack, FeedBurner FeedSmith, Google Analytics, Google XML Sitemaps, Popularity Contest, Quick Stats, Simple Tags, Smart Update Pinger, Tagalize It, and WordPress Automatic Upgrade.

    So far I don’t notice that I am missing any features that I wish I had, but I am always browsing the new plugin releases to see what looks helpful.

  6. Im always use :
    1. Platinum Seo Pack
    2. Wp-Database
    3. SEO Friendly Images
    4. Google XML Sitemaps
    5. WP-UserOnline

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