Small Business Newspapers Growing in Popularity

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Almost every major community has some sort of small business publication these days and they can be great tools for reaching other small business owners. At a time when newspapers in general are seeing a real nosedive in readership and ad dollars, these kinds of niche publications are flourishing.

Kansas City has a great one – here’s an article in the recent issue about the power of small business that I just love.

Most of these publications accept contributed content as well and can be a nice little source of PR, as well as advertising, for your small business. (Don’t forget to check out the classified ad sections to promote your free reports.) What they need is an association that would allow advertisers and contributors to reach them all from one source.

Let’s start a list here
– tell me about your local small business publication and I’ll compile a list – make sure you add the contact info along with the name if you can. Hit the Share this button at the bottom of this post and pass this along via email to publishers and editors of these types of publications if you like so we can create a great list. Small business publishers out there let us hear from you.


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