Will Work For Referrals

I may have mentioned that I am releasing an ebook and audio program in a few weeks titled Referral Flood How to make it rain a flood of new business without spending one dime on advertising.

So…I thought I would let one of my favorite referral strategies out of the bag today.

Many small business owners struggle when it comes to finding sources of referrals, either do to the fact that they are a new business just starting out or they are trying to break into a new industry or market.

Here’s a great strategy for just such a situation.

1) Join an important trade, business or industry group that contains a high number of your target market.

2) Seek out one or two influential members of that group (board members are good candidates)

3) Go to those influencers and make this offer – “I will (provide the product or service that your company does) at no cost to you what so ever. All I ask in return is that, if you as pleased as we know you will be, you agree to send a letter to the organization endorsing our service.”

I guess it goes without saying that if you can strike this deal, you better deliver the goods for your test case, but if you do…watch out for a flood of business.

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