The Plague of the Accidental Referral

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Almost every business gets started this way. They do a good job for a client and they tell someone and the next thing you know, your business is growing by way of referral.

Yet…I have asked now (and yes I am keeping track) somewhere just over 1731 small business owners this question. “Do you have a referral marketing system?”

Want to know how many have said yes?

Not a single one. The greatest thing holding small business owners back is what I call the Plague of the Accidental Referral. In other words, accidents happen…but I say, make them happen.

The greatest marketing secret of the most successful small business owners is that generating a flood of referrals takes a systematic approach.

And the system looks like this

1) A clear definition of WHO makes a good referral
2) A clear definition of WHEN you are going to ask for referrals
3) A clear definition of HOW your referral sources should recommend you
4) A clear definition of WHAT you are going to do with that referral
5) A clear definition of WHY your referral source will recommend you
6) A clear definition of a PROCESS to turn those referral into clients

There, now no more accidents!

Oh, by the way, look for a post this week announcing the completion of Referral Flood – A referral marketing ebook and audio CD set! Yippee.


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