What Really Sets GoDaddy Apart

What Really Sets GoDaddy Apart

What Really Sets GoDaddy Apart

By John Jantsch

A lot is made about the tacky GoDaddy ads that cause a stir during the Super Bowl each year. GoDaddy founder, Bob Parsons, has indeed landed on a way to get attention. By polarizing and even infuriating some portion of his market he is able to live off the buzz and capture the noise of the crowd.

But, in the Web 2.0 world we all live in, what really sets GoDaddy apart is people. Even someone like me, who enjoys a dysfunctional relationship with technology wants to pick of the phone and talk to a real live person when something goes wrong. GoDaddy gets this like few others.

Heed this warning Web2.0ers, when you scale, if you don’t invest in people who can fix a client’s problem, the end is near. GoDaddy has over 1,000 customer service reps who can and will solve problems. I can overlook many of the obnoxious offerings they throw in my face as I register a domain because every time I pick up the phone and call the toll free number listed on the web site a real live person answers and helps in a matter of minutes – that’s why this little company is the world’s largest domain registrar. The TV ads are just proven window dressing used by advertisers for years.

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