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I am conducting another of my ongoing teleseminar series this month. Consider joining me for 3 live telesessions that include a workbook and audio recording of each session.

The subject this month is – How to Harness the Internet to Market Your Small Business More Effectively. The 3 live sessions will be conducted Feb 21, Feb 28 and March 07 – all Noon Central time. We will cover web content, traffic and new media tools like blogging. We use a system that includes telephone and webinar technology for a fully interactive experience.

No matter if you do business in your town or around the world, the Internet has become an essential small business marketing tool!

This is not an Internet Marketing “get rich” course, this is a practical, sensible approach to using the Internet to grow and extend your existing business. Find out more here


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  1. Have you ever considered doing your classes in a web-conference room instead of the tele-conference calls? You have an amazing site here, loads of information, but are missing the boat when it comes to training on-line! Your at a disadvantage by using merely a vocal means of communication, combined with webinar tech. Why not do it all in one room, visual, recording, Q and As. I have found people much more responsive.

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