Web Design for the Brain

NeuroIt’s funny what the brain makes us do. A recent flow of books on the subject of the brain when it comes to marketing and making decisions is due in part to better understanding of how the brain works.

For a recent episode of the Duct Tape Marketing podcast I visited with Susan Weinschenk, author of NEURO Web Design – What make them click?

Susan’s book is a fascinating look into what makes people buy online. And yes, we did talk about sex!

We also discussed

  • How the mind triggers a person to purchase a product or service
  • Research on the unconscious mind and how specific words or phrases impact the consumer
  • Applying the studies on the unconscious mind to website design through:
    ~ Social Validation principle
    ~ The “fear” tactic
    ~ Creating a sense of obligation~ The use of food and sexuality

Susan Weinschenk has a Ph.D. in Psychology and a 30 year career in applying principles of Psychology to the design of technology interfaces. Her experience includes user experience consulting and training for Fortune 1000 companies, designing the user interface of software, intranets, websites, web applications, and even copiers, microwaves and medical devices.

Dr. Weinschenk is currently Chief of Technical Staff at Human Factors International (HFI). She manages the sales, consulting services and training development and delivery for the USA operations of HFI. She is also a well known, international, public speaker.

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