Valuable Content Just Needs A Package

Valuable Content Just Needs A Package

Valuable Content Just Needs A Package

By John Jantsch

Here’s a quick little tip that may help some small
business owners harness the whole content thing.

Okay, some background first. Most know that I talk
endlessly about the idea of providing (most of the time
free) content about some really valuable stuff to your
prospects to help cut through the clutter and prove
yourself the expert that you know you are.

Here’s a twist! Hire someone to show how smart you
are. Let me explain. What if you knew that a particularly
hot market sector wanted, no strike that, needed, to know
about a volatile market phenomenon. And, what if you
could hire someone really nerdy like, an economist, or
better yet, futurist, who could share with them exactly
where their business or industry was headed.

A great source of content, and therefore lead generation,
may lurk in your back yard just waiting to unfold itself
for you. Think outside of what you sell and present
experts of any shape and sort that may possess value
to you market and watch what happens to your stock
as a result.

Content comes in various forms and most of it is free.
You just need to provide the package, cuz that’s what
people pay for anyway.

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