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Everybody knows that a good testimonial comment and
endorsement from a client can be a fundamental marketing
tool. . .but, everybody knows how hard it is to get a client
to stop and write one – no matter how well intentioned they

Here’s a little tool that will help you acquire some very
powerful testimonials. It may seem a bit sneaky, but, hey,
it seems to move people to action.

Instead of simply asking your clients for testimonials, give
the names of 3 or 4 very happy clients to you next prospective
client and insist that they check you out by way of your references.

Here’s what will happen almost all of the time. Your clients
will respond to a request from your prospect with a glowing
testimonial, written to a prospect, in precisely the voice you
want. And, in most cases they will copy you on the effort.

Viola, instant testimonial machine!

I don’t really know why this is so much more effective, but
there is something about the 3rd party involvement that moves
your client to some extra adjectives.

Give it a try and see for yourself.


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  1. Lee,

    Thanks for the extra point about expectation. It’s amazing what people
    will do if it meets with what they expected. That’s why, on the other
    hand, it is so hard for some to get referrals. Their clients didn’t
    expect (and therefor agree) to be asked.

    Make it part of the deal and everyone wins.

  2. Hi John,

    That’s a great tip and I say so from experience because I’ve used it many times.

    What’s great is that when the prospect becomes your customer, they’ll already expect to be a reference for you when the time comes.

    Lee Odden – Online Marketing Blog

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