Blogging has tipped

In Malcolm Gladwell’s now famous book, he refers to a phenomenon known as tipping – thus the title, The Tipping Point.

He goes on to present some very well documented events that can lead
one to understand the precise moment something tipped or became a success, trend, plaque, or simply met with general acceptance.

Bob Bly, legendary copywriter and offline direct marketer, recently launched a blog, so, I’d say blogging has tipped! Who’s next, Gary Halbert?



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  1. I agree with you, John. As I said in my own blog, A Fine Kettle of Fish, on November 23, 2004, Bob’s blog “will attract a throng of readers, many of whom will be traditional, offline communications professionals. This will be all good for him. And all good for those of us who already have established an online presence as bloggers. Bob Bly will help push this revolutionary, self-publishing platform across the threshold and that much closer to the tipping point. Everybody will win.”

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