The Most Important Marketing Question

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Create all the fancy marketing materials, websites, and sales presentations you want, but if you can’t answer this question you’re dead…

So what’s the question? What is it that you really sell?

I know, I know, you thought it was going to be a tough one right?

See, cause you sell insurance, or financial services, or duct cleaning, or tax preparation. Okay, next question. Wrong

Here’s what you really sell. You sell what the client thinks they are getting when they buy from you.

And trust me, they are not buying insurance. They are buying peace of mind or pride or greed or safety. And that is what you need to sell.

Go to work on figuring out what your clients really get from your product or service and you will be miles ahead.

Here’s a really bad example but one that will make sense. The cigarette companies don’t hook teenagers but talking about low cost or great taste. No they’ve got Joe Camel selling how cool you will be.

See the difference. Well how does your product make your buyer feel cool, needed, sexy, in-control, smarter, thiner, better looking, more appreciated.

I think you get it!


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