The Local Search War Just Got Interesting

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Google and Yahoo have launched the next killer app.

Not sure if it really qualifies as an app but I was a bit nostalgic today.

Local search, the ability to use your website around the corner, took a big step forward in the last couple of weeks when Google and Yahoo both unvelied some of how they intend to make Internet searching the preferred method for your local searches…similar to what the Yellow Pages is today.

Now surfers can type-in “marketing consultant” 23661 (a zip code) and they will get a list, complete with maps, of the marketing consultants that are in that area.

On a more practical note, finding the best local pizza joint just got easier too!

Google has a new beta local search site at [url=]Local.Google[/url]

Yahoo launched what they call [url=]Smart View.[/url] It is essentially the Yahoo map ssite with much more functionality.

This has the potential to change everything. The World Wide Web can now be used as the “What’s Around the Block Web” to help promote even the most local bussinesses. (So what should I do with those big Yellow books?)

So what does all of this mean for small business owners? Well, plenty, but for starters.
1. Get a website – (many small businesses still don’t have one)
2. Give it local appeal – make sure your keywords and content can be found with local searches
3. Promote the heck out it
4. Make sure that it contains your local info everywhere (hours, address, phone, contacts, etc.
5. Register locally with directories like DMOZ, Superpages,


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