Tapping Emerging Trends for Marketing Opportunities

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Often breaking into a new market takes having a hook, filling an unmet need or riding a the crest of a trend.

I enjoy the heck out of a site called TrendWatching. This site reports on consumer and business trends and gives a thorough analysis of how one might tap into the trend.

The recent issue gave us the trend they call Twinsumer – as is Twin Consumer. The idea is that increasingly Internet marketers are tapping into another big trend “Social Bookmarking” to find people around the world that like the same things they like and then follow the recommendation of someone with their twin taste.

.From the Site:
TWINSUMER trend: consumers looking for the best of the best, the first of the first, the most relevant of the relevant increasingly don’t connect to ‘just any other consumer’ anymore, they are hooking up with (and listening to) their taste ‘twins’; fellow consumers somewhere in the world who think, react, enjoy and consume the way they do.


The marketing applications for this trend are pretty enormous.

So, what could you build that would take advantage of this trend.

Go check it out at TrendWatching and make sure that you subscribe to their newsletter so you don’t miss the next trend


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