Connect Your Clients For More Referrals

Connect Your Clients For More Referrals

Connect Your Clients For More Referrals

By John Jantsch

I was just wondering, how many of your clients have never met each other?

One marketing strategy that I often recommend involves bringing small groups of your clients together to meet, network and generally discuss how brilliant you are.

No, really! Have you ever considered putting together a lunch a month with the express purpose of introducing your clients to each other. In all likelihood they share the same challenges, frustrations and passions and, may even find that they can strike up a mutually beneficial relationship on their own. How’s that for adding value.

One way I like to position these types of meetings is to work them around a theme of referrals. Make the “user” lunch about helping you grow your business. It is amazing what will happen when a group of like minded clients get together and start swapping stories and strategies about how they can help you build your business. You may even find a little competitive one-upping will occur with you as the benefactor.

Look, no matter what the purpose of these types of events, the relationship you have with each client will grow when you extend this level of trust and ask for this kind of participation.

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