Talking Email and CAN-SPAM with Vertical Response
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Talking Email and CAN-SPAM with Vertical Response

Talking Email and CAN-SPAM with Vertical Response

By John Jantsch

Janine PopickJanine Popick, CEO of Vertical Response, was my guest on the Duct Tape Marketing podcast. We spent some time talking about effective ways to utilize email as a marketing tool, dos and don’t dos and new CAN-SPAM legislation that takes place in a few weeks. Check out the VR Lounge – a unique social community from this unique email service provider.

You can read the entire FTC document if you want to hurt your head but it looks the two biggest changes impact folks that send offers in combination with other senders and some fairly technical language about opt out that can be handled best by using a one click very simply opt out method – a best practice anyway in my opinion. (This is not legal advice though!)

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Janine also mentioned a free webinar that may be of interest. It’s a session on getting the most out of Google Apps – July 9th at 10am Pacific Time. Yes, I’m pretty sure some information about using Vertical Response will be spread but the session features Google product specialists and should be a nice way to pick up some tips on integrating these free tools. Register here

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