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Submit Your Articles to the Duct Tape Marketing Article Archive

Submit Your Articles to the Duct Tape Marketing Article Archive

By John Jantsch

I have begun to collect many of the columns I have written for my newsletter and other publications in an interactive article directory. This allows you to search, comment on, subscribe via RSS and contribute to a growing collection of small business focused content. Check out the article directory.

Contribute to my article directory – I am also inviting anyone who writes articles focused on small business to become an author in my directory. I reserve the right to approve or disapprove any content, but I know my readers will submit great stuff!

Visit and click on the “Become an Author” link. Complete the information and once you are accepted you can log in and post articles you have written. This is a great way to find new readers and web traffic and the search engines will place a high value on links back to your site from Duct Tape Marketing.

If you are interested in contributing articles to the archive, please download this brief tutorial for submitting content. Article Guide

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