So, What's Your Thing?

During a training session for one my Duct Tape Marketing Coaches, I learned about a wonderful example of small business branding practiced by Steve and Beth Gasser of Vivid Image. It seems that they read somewhere that a person is more creative with their shoes off. Being that they were in the creative business, what the heck, everyone take your shoes off at work.

The idea caught on with the staff and so they extended it to visitors, clients, you name it. No shoes in the building. To make it more than a quirky (or religious) experience they acquired socks and printed their logo on each pair. Now, employees, guest, and clients don a pair of Vivid Image socks whenever they are in the church/business (did I mention their business is located in what was once a church?)

While they have established a fun, creative touch to their business with this practice, they have also created something that people can talk about, it’s their thing. One of the greatest small business marketing assets your business can own is something that makes people talk about how your firm is different than the rest.


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  1. That is a great story John! It’s these types of ideas that can make a big difference between success and failure in the business world.

    The great thing about it is that it not only creates word-of-mouth, but the reason is that they’re giving their customers an experience and reason to do it.

    This is the fun type of experience that people love to spread around.

  2. We are well underway implementing Duct Tape principles within our own company. We will soon be implementing the structure with our clients too. The challenge for ourselves, and all companies is to continue to have fun and enjoy being at work. I am excited for our staff to help our clients to uncover their differentiation, in order to create an experience people will enjoy. Who knew there would be so much fun in socks?

  3. I must have read the same article, because I grabbed it an ran a couple of years ago! I love this take on the idea.

    I have a cabinet just to stock HALO socks. When I do in-house team training or Board training sessions, we leave the shoes at the door and don fabulous bright white socks. Our tootsies are warm and our brains are ripe with terrific small business or organizational ideas! I encourage everyone to let their toes wiggle and to let their brains create.

  4. This is a great story and after reading this out to team members, we have all removed our shoes to see if it will make a difference. We may have to open a window.

    The little things have a huge effect on a brand. I can imagine the buzz created from this no shoe policy is unbelievable. It shows the brand/company is fun, creative, dynamic and has a unique personality.

    Let the creative juices flow


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